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New Album "Colours"

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With “Colors” Ralph Maten proves once again that he does not have the nickname “The Velvet Man” for nothing.


He worked on the album a year in advance: wrote songs, wrote lyrics, collected ideas. Everything recorded and recorded himself and also produced in his own studio. Here your own compositions flow calmly and with a touch of jazz into the mixer and like balm in your ears.


10 of the 15 titles come 100% from his own pen.

But Maten also puts his own stamp on the cover versions, such as “Streets of London” or “Wonderful Life”. He juggles between pop, rock, jazz, blues and reggae. But his trademark is and remains: voice and piano.


The title "You're Under My Skin", a homage to Frank Sinatra, would have been very appealing to "Old Blue-Eyes".


As with his last studio album “Cheers For Tears” (2018), Ralph Maten also created a wonderful duet with “Let Me Down Easy” on “Colors” together with his daughter Lea-Tamara Maten (15 years).


Vocally Maten is in top form, but the three instrumentals also fit in seamlessly and reflect the melancholy mood of the album. Maten has dedicated himself to Nils Frahm here. And on his last visit to a small jazz club, he was ashamed of a drunken business man who loves less music and more “seeing and being seen”. Maten then created the work "The Grasshopper In The Jazz Club".


All in all, an all-round harmonious disc that is well worth listening to and is best enjoyed in front of the fireplace with a glass of red wine! Text: F. Karsten / Amp-Media


Ralph Maten’s COLORS will be physically in stores worldwide from April 24th and of course available on all digital sales and streaming platforms.


Ralph Maten, (born on Feb 17th 1970 at Frankenthal, Germany - as the only son of a former monk) is a singer, songwriter and pianist playing Rock, Blues, Jazz and Adult Contemporary Music.

He is also a producer with his own studio and record label (Amp-Media) and an endorser for music instruments build by well known companies (EMI, Casio, Kawai etc.)

The piano became his instrument of choice at an early age during his musical education. Amongst others Maten is influenced by greats like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Nora Jones or Radiohead.

In 1984 he moved to Hameln where he set up his studio and record label.

His 7th solo album „Colours“ was released in 2020.

On stage Maten (The Velvetman) convinces and charmes the audience with his soft and gentle piano-playing and his unique charismatic voice.






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